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Faith Formation

Romans 10:17

"So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ."

Faith Formation

Our program provides for an organized, structured environment in which the teaching and tradition of our Catholic faith can be passed on from generation to generation. From First grade through 9th grade, we prepare our students for First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and the Sacrament of Confirmation. Our parish program offers many opportunities for our youth to grow in their knowledge, understanding, and the practice of our Christian faith.

Contact Mrs. Diana Cathcart

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For Our Parents

“Parents are the first and foremost catechists of their children. They catechize informally, but powerfully by example and instruction.  They communicate values and attitudes by showing love for Christ and His Church and for each other, by reverently receiving the Eucharist and living in its spirit and by fostering justice and love in all their relationships. Their active involvement in the parish, their readiness to seek opportunities to serve others, and their practice of frequent and spontaneous prayer, all make meaningful their professions of belief. Parents nurture faith in their children by showing them the richness and beauty of lived faith.”

U.S. National Catechetical Directory, Sharing the Light of Faith

Our Beliefs
Our Goals

Our goals are...

  • To provide a safe, secure, loving environment for children to participate in and where parents feel comfortable leaving their child.


  • To help children feel a warm sense of belonging to their church family and to insure each child feels welcomed and wanted.


  • For each child to know God is real and that a personal relationship with Him gives meaning to life.


  • To aid each child in knowing Jesus and developing a dynamic relationship with Him.


  • To help each child develop a lifestyle that is built on his/her relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • To help each child understand the teachings and Traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.


  • To provide children the opportunity and direction to participate in ministry.


  • To support the family in their responsibility for the spiritual nurture and growth of their child.


  • To provide Godly men and women who are well trained to serve as positive role models while they minister with children.

We believe...

  • Children are a gift from God and should be handled with love and care.


  • Children are important in the kingdom of God that Christ died to redeem children from their sin.


  • Christ has called children to follow him and children can be equipped to serve Christ and others.


  • Children deserve a safe, positive, nurturing and age appropriate learning environment that is free of fear, pressure to “grow up”, or prejudice.


  • That ministry is not just “to” children but “with” children. We learn from children as we teach them.


  • That God has appointed parents as the primary religious instructors of their children and the Church’s role is to assist in the cooperative effort of that task for all that seek her help.


  • Successful ministry is the shared responsibility of children, ministry staff and volunteers, parents and the Church body.


  • Ministry should be creative, innovative and in touch with the children and families of our community.

If you are new to the area and would like to register your child/children for Religious Education Classes, please contact Mrs. Diana Cathcart as soon as possible. If your child was baptized in a church other than St. Colman or Notre Dame, you must present a copy of the child's baptism certificate upon registration. It is also necessary to register your family at our parish. For more information on becoming a parishioner, please contact Debbie Spitzmacher, parish secretary at 860-349-3058.

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